The Liberty Difference


The Humble Three-Legged Stool

The three-legged stool is know to be a simple but very sturdy tool for holding weight.
The three legs provide a rock solid foundation that two legs or four legs can not provide.

This principle of a solid foundation with three legs is why we have
chosen to build our company on the following three main principles.

Our Products


Our products are designed and build by the best group of people, using the best products and assembled with the best method. Quality. Three Ways.

  • American Made: Our buildings are built by tax-paying American citizens, active in the community and vested in our country. The Liberty team was born in the USA and experienced in various construction trades. We also use American Made materials, like aluminum windows, instead of foreign products.

  • Interior: The interior of a  shed or barn is visible when you walk inside, different from a home. We pay attention to the appearance inside, using plywood products on the floor and walls.

  • Residential Trim Techniques: We use real trim for fascia, gables, eaves, doors and windows.

  • Residential Construction Techniques: Studs and joists on 16″ center, double top plates in the wall, roof trusses with engineered truss plates, and jacks around the doors and windows.

  • Residential styling features: We make available such features as dormers, transom windows, current paint colors, trim, shutters.

  • Experience: Our builders have an average of over 10 years experience each in residential construction, trim carpentry and metal building construction.

To Our Customers


Emphasis on customer service is something that is claimed by many companies. But do policies and procedures line up with that emphasis? They do at Liberty.

  • Sales Locations: Our sales locations are exclusive Liberty. This allows our sales force to be well educated in our products and gets the customer’s needs met quickly and efficiently.

  • Large Product Line: Our product is one of the largest in our industry. Our buildings come with vinyl siding, metal siding, wood siding and treated siding. They are available in premium, standard and value models with multiple styles. Whatever your need is, we can help you get it. The customer’s need are met without using a variety of products from different companies.

  • Delivery and Installation: Our delivery and setup is done by Liberty employees using state-of-the-art equipment. We do not use 3rd party on contract delivery companies who make more money by doing the job quickly rather than carefully and completely. Liberty’s delivery team has the customer’s best interest in mind every time.

  • Custom software for sales and production. Allows us to configure custom buildings, view available stock buildings, track custom buildings, generate accurate sales documentation, etc.

  • Stock inventory is for sale. Every shed you see on our lots can be bought and delivered within a week typically. Some companies use the sales lots for display only and will not sell the buildings you see.

  • Custom buildings exactly how you want. Our sales and production team has adopted the slogan “Make It Happen”; we will put our experience and resources to work creating the building exactly like the customer wishes.

Save Money


We work hard to put smart value in each of our buildings. The best bang for your buck; optimizing costs in a manner that builds a standout building for a fair price.