Liberty Storage Solutions


Here is a story directed life paths; God-directed paths, to be specific. It is no doubt His directing and leading that brought all these pieces together for His glory.

As Liberty Storage Solutions LLC continued to grow in North Carolina, Bobby Eaton began looking to expand their “footprint” farther south. They had a business plan for expansion in place for years and in 2014, felt the time was right to move forward. Through a nunber of events that can only be God’s leading, Bobby came in contact with Abner Riehl, Mike Yoder and Arlan Riehl of Abbeville, SC. From the piles of discussions, ideas and dreams, came Liberty Storage Solutions of SC, LLC. We formed a partnership in November 2014, with Bobby Eaton as Managing Member, Arlan Riehl as Operations Manager and Mike Yoder as Sales Manager.

We purchased the old Cedarwood building from Abner in January 2015 started setting up the plant for shed production. James Goss and Darren Raber made the decision to join the team and went for training at Liberty Storage Solutions in NC. In February 2015, Liberty of SC took over all sales in South Carolina. Shortly thereafter, Joe Fehr committed to position of delivery driver. He rolled out with our new delivery rig when production began in March of 2015. As we ramped up production, we added additional team members, including Denver Schwartz in April, Joshua Imhoff in July and Steve Beiler in October.

We added more sales lots in 2015 and experienced strong sales, eclipsing our calendar year goal bu almost 40%. We built and delivered out first 16’x40′, built a 16’x36′ finished cabin on-site by the Saluda River and built about 350 buildings total in our first calendar year in business.

We look forward to implementing ERP/CRM software and increasing the size of our manufacturing facility during the fall of 2016 in preparation for increased sales exposure in 2017. We will continue to look for ways to improve our product line, pushing innovation and listening to the needs of customers. Our default answer the the question, “Can you do this?” will be “Yes, we can.”

Arlan Riehl & Mike Yoder
Charter Members
Liberty Storage Solutions of SC, LLC